Sunday, February 26, 2006

Trailer Trash--The Other White Meat

My aunt, cutting a piece of chicken for me at dinner today: "Dre, do you like white meat?"

Her husband, laughing: "Hell, ain't you noticed? That's the only kind of meat he likes!"


Missy said...

Thats why scum bag black men like you keep looking for your tolken white girl right???

GrizzBabe said...

I think this response is uncalled for. First of all, we are better off as a country if people feel free to date/marry whoever they want regardless of race. Secondly, I think it's possible to have an intelligent discussion on this topic without being derogatory.

Amanda said...

Exactly what is a "tolken white girl"? Does that have anything to do with the Lord of the Rings series?

I personally LOVE to find the humor in interracial dating. And if you CAN'T recognize racism in society and exploit it in a way that makes the racist look like the moron, then you have a problem with YOURSELF. I don't think there's anything derogatory with having a sense of humor and being COMFORTABLE enough with your own race AND everyone else's that you can make jokes in a light-hearted manner.

:) I thought it was funny. I work with a mix of people (white, black, and latino) and people, for the most part, are crazy -- we laugh ALL day long and crack jokes on each other... it's great.