Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The NBA's New Slogan: Ride Or Die

Just a tremendous column by AOL's Jason Whitlock today concerning the thug element in Las Vegas this past weekend at the NBA All-Star festivities. I don't have much to add myself. Vegas from what I understand is lawless anyway, especially the Strip, and tossing the hundreds of sycophants and groupies that always hover around the NBA into the mix made for what I'm sure was a truly frightening weekend. I can only imagine what that town smelled like Monday morning. I actually don't blame the stars for having thick entourages surrounding them at all times--the more bodies between them and potential bullets, the better.


GrizzBabe said...

I disagree with one point in his article. Suge Knight probably has the financial wherewithall to afford a trip overseas with his posse to attend an All-Star game, although his probabtion officer may not allow it.

James Burnett said...

Ha ha ha! Grizz is right. Suge could go and thug it up wherever the game went. But you're right Dre, that column was excellent - very well written.