Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My (Very Quick) Summer Adventure

I'm off this morning to Memphis to visit my girlfriend, but due to my lack of vacation time, I'm coming right back tomorrow night. My off days from work are still Tuesday and Wednesday, so this morning I board a Megabus and take a 10-hour ride to see my honey. I'll spend the night, fool around with her tomorrow as she has tomorrow off from her job, then board the Megabus tomorrow night, ride all night, come back to Chicago Thursday morning, and go to work Thursday afternoon. I'm very worried that I'll be worn out from all the riding, but if the seats are comfortable and no idiots disturb my sleep attempts, I think I'll be fine. Megabus has deeply discounted prices from Greyhound service, not to mention what it costs to get on a plane these days, so that's why I'm hopping a bus for a 10-hour excursion instead of my usual 1.5-hour flight. But I'm excited to see my girlfriend, if only for a day. I'll take some food with me, along with a book and, of course, my headphones, which are with me everywhere I go. It'll be my one-man road trip. I think my girlfriend knows how much I love her, if she ever had any doubts. How many other guys are climbing a bus for 10 hours there and back, for a 1-day visit, knowing there won't be any sex?

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