Monday, October 10, 2011

Some Things Never Change

I decided to start this wedding week by looking up Linda's Big Connections, the website where I met "Karen," to see if she was still making herself a part of the social scene amongst fat people in Wisconsin. And sure enough, she's still on the message boards, still has pics of herself taken at the Milwaukee dances, still has a drink in her hand at all times...the only different things about her are that she's bigger and she wasn't surrounded by ugly black men like most of the pics of her at various social outings. Kinda sad to think that she's still stuck in her little world as she approaches 40. But also kinda funny.

In other news, the programs are printed, our officiant has given us a notarized form detailing our pre-marital counseling which gives us a deep discount on the marriage license, and I can't get my sore tooth removed surgically before next Monday, which obviously is after the wedding. I was hoping to not have to eat and drink on one side of my mouth on my big day, but that's what it looks like I'm going to be doing. My trip to the sleep clinic last night went well. They put me under the oxygen mask all night, which meant that I had to sleep on my back, and I was wired up again. But I think I could get used to the mask. Having air forced into my nose is very weird at first, and I couldn't open my mouth to speak because speaking and having air forced through your nose just doesn't work well together, but so long as I relaxed and didn't try to speak, it was all good. One hiccup earlier today: I guess it's my first car accident, although no one else was involved. I blasted the car's left tire off a curb because I never saw it, and the hubcap is hanging off. Don't know how much to fix that, but it may have to wait until I get my bonus in a few weeks.

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