Saturday, November 06, 2004

Feels Like The First Time

I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.

Now that that's established...

I am a single black male, 28, living in Chicago. I am a ball of emotions and opinions, and boy, do I have a lot of them. From being a large person (the last doctor's visit said 370 lbs. but I sure don't fucking feel that big) to being a black man to being a clean and sober individual to being a person with some common sense, I have many unique qualities that enable me to experience, well, some fucked-up shit. And some fun, where I can find it.

For instance, tonight the best friend whose ex-girlfriend I fucked a few weeks ago but don't have the balls to tell him that and I are going to a riverboat to play a little poker. You know how guys are, we don't share our feelings or talk about how good in bed their ex-girlfriend is, so I don't ever anticipate telling him about that or this blog, for that matter. He's not into blogs, anyway. The only way he would read this is if it was linked to the Yahoo profile of some psycho chick with a prison record.

So with that, I will log off now. I'll update every so often, mostly when something happens that makes me wonder what planet I really came from, cause I sure don't feel like I'm from Earth. Thus, the name Planetdre. Any feedback at all would be more than I get on a daily basis, because I'm not rich and I don't look like Denzel, so no one ever pays me any attention.

Until next time...

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