Thursday, January 26, 2006

Insane In The Brain

A couple of things had me nervous this morning as I prepared to go to this interview for a job with J.P. Morgan Chase. I was already anxious just because of the job interview, but then last night "Torrie" called while I was in class, and I didn't hear the message, so I have no idea what she could possibly want. I'm shocked she didn't burn my cell phone number. Then I had to buy a new ink cartridge for my printer or else give a really shitty copy of my resume to Chase. That worked out, thankfully; I imagined getting all the way home and realizing that I had the wrong cartridge, but I got the right one and inserted it correctly. But all the frustration and nervousness did result in one screw-up: I made myself a bowl of cereal and started pouring soda pop into the bowl before realizing what the fuck I was doing. So now I'm shaving my head and getting ready to go, hoping that I don't spit or curse during the interview. Can I push aside my insanity, pull off one good interview and finally get a good job, or am I doomed to working at Amoco for the rest of my life? Stay tuned.

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Keish said...

Glad to see you brightened this place up. Stay encouraged Dre!