Friday, May 19, 2006

"Fuck The Cubs"

That was White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen's eloquent response to repeated questions about the Cubs-Sox series this weekend. Glad to see Ozzie's been listening to me tell my friends what the huge banner I'm going to put in right field at U.S. Cellular when I buy the Sox will read. Seriously. I said that years ago. It was going to be the perfect rallying cry for the new attitude the team would have under my ownership--to stop focusing on the crosstown Cubbies and start focusing on winning baseball. But since they are now playing winning baseball, I would just put the banner up to piss everyone off.

Ozzie also said that if the Sox were playing shit ball like the Cubs are now, there would be like 2,000 people at the Cell. I love how Cubs fans take that as a sign that they are true fans--because they come to Wrigley Field knowing the team sucks and the Tribune Company, which owns the Cubs, won't do anything to improve it as long as dumbfucks keep showing up at the park and giving the team money. I don't think fans stopped showing up for the Sox and kept seeing the Cubs when both teams were bad because the Cubs have better fans. I think it's because Sox fans, unlike Cub fans, don't like being screwed from behind. Hey, I call it like I see it. A manager who can't manage, a president and general manager who know their two best pitchers are extremely injury prone and yet don't acquire any help, and ownership who could care less...and they still draw 38,000 fans a game? They must love getting it up the ass in Wrigleyville. The more they get screwed, the more they come. They just can't stop coming and coming and coming over there.

All that screwing up the butt with no objections...makes total sense that the Cubbies play in Boys Town.

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Anonymous said...

Do you feel like that about the Cubs? And not quoting Ozzie himself? Fuck you.