Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Rent In Chicago Is A Real Bitch

But I already knew that, having rented here for the previous eight years before this past February. I'm just being reminded of it looking over apartment listings as I get ready to get out of this basement by July 1. It's looking more and more like a tiny studio, like the one I had in 1997 and 1998 but hopefully without the roaches and mice. There's not much in a one-bedroom in the city that I can afford on my salary. I've had "Laurie" in Detroit and my friend in Memphis tell me how cheap their respective cities are, and I remember "Sarah" telling me how little it cost to get a place down in Springfield, IL. Hell, I even remember "Giselle" telling me between kisses during our little "high school reunion" in 2002 that when she was going to school in Florida, she and her man were renting a two-bedroom house for much less than the one-bedroom apartment that I was living in at the time. So the solution is clear: Move to some city I don't know and hopefully find work there while rooming with someone...oh wait, I was going to do that with my last three girlfriends. Never mind. Guess I'm staying here.

I've got a couple of offers to contemplate in the next couple of weeks. My gambling buddy, who just accepted an envelope stuffed with cash from me a couple of months ago thanks to the motherfucking Steelers, owns a building on the far South Side, and he wants to give me a two-bedroom for $600, which sounds way too good to be true. And today my aunt told me that the old lady on the first floor here is out at the end of the month, and she would give me that one-bedroom for $600, which sounds great since I'm already here, except there's no laundry on the premises and it's not easy to get to work from this area. But it's definitely a fallback that I would not be upset with. So at least I now have a plan of action: Look for a place closer to my job with the amenities that I want for a few weeks, and if I'm disappointed with my findings, get ready to move all my shit upstairs. Either way, no more fear of a sewer blockage and subsequent flood by the end of this month. Celebration time. Come on!


GrizzBabe said...

I like your aunt's suggestion. The other option sounds too much like the apartment the Evans family lived in on "Good Times" only not as nice.

Dre said...

Actually, the "Good Times" apartment was based on the old legendary Cabrini Green housing projects, which my family briefly lived in before I was conceived. So, with all the stories I have heard from that experience, the Evans scenario will not be happening.