Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tying The Knot, Part 5: How To Pick A Date

MURFREESBORO, TN--"So what made you decide on October 16, 2011?" I asked.

"Well, I like the months of September and October," she replied. "They're cheaper for things like flowers and arrangements and catering. Although October is an 'on' off-month. Very popular among the off-months."


So I excitedly headed to the computer in the guest bedroom at my future mother-in-law's house here in beautiful Murfreesboro, where my fiancee and I are spending a few days of our weeklong vacation, and posted the date on my Facebook page, double-checking what day that date will fall on. Hmm, a Sunday, I thought. Not too many weddings on a Sunday. Maybe my fiancee, being very religious, has always wanted her wedding to be on a Sunday. So I went with it, warning my Facebook pals that they should save the date in pencil, since my fiancee hasn't actually checked with her church to see if that date is open.

My uncle happily replied on Facebook that it's great that we chose October 16, since it would be my deceased mom's birthday (his sister). I knew the date sounded familiar. But my fiancee had to tell me about this and other replies because right after I posted this Sunday night, I developed the worst headache I ever had, and she was in the room keeping me company at midnight after I burst into her bedroom begging for her Motrin. While watching over me, she checked her Facebook page and saw my announcement. Then she noticed the part about Sunday.

"October 16 is a Sunday?" she asked. I moaned yes while shielding the light from my eyes. "Did you check the date?" Despite me clearly saying yes, she checked herself and discovered her error. "Oops," she said. "I meant the 15th."

Like I said, save the date in pencil.

So finally, we have a (tentative) date. We know what church we want, and we're leaning towards the ultimate cheapo honeymoon, getting a room in downtown Memphis and acting like tourists. We're still debating the other details, such as whether we should cater or go to a restaurant for the reception and what method of invites we should use. I'm just relieved to have a freakin' date to look forward to. Oh, and my best friend "Jacob" is getting married next May and asked me to be his best man! How fucking cool is that? When I leave my job and move to Memphis next year after no longer being required to pay back tuition money to my employer, it will set off the busiest, most hectic year of my life. But since it will result in me and my honey finally starting a life as husband and wife, I will enjoy every second and soak all the memories in.

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