Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fingers Crossed

Everything may be about to change in a matter of days. I got an interview with a Memphis check-processing company named Symcor this coming Tuesday. Symcor is a Canadian company that has many operations in many U.S. cities, including, ironically, Chicago. But it's a processing job in Memphis that I applied for, and after playing phone tag with an H.R. person, we finally got together and she set me up for a 9A interview Tuesday in Memphis. I was able to secure Monday through Wednesday off from work, and thanks to my fiancee's credit card, I will hop on a bus to Memphis Monday morning, get a good night of rest, and interview the next day, then hop on a bus back to Chicago later Tuesday evening. A pre-application questionnaire asked me what salary range did I think was appropriate for the job. The lowest range was between $30,000 and $34,000 annually. The Chase job that I currently have pays me about $24,000, and that's after five years of service. So I'm obviously looking forward to this interview for the possibility of working in Memphis and moving down there to start my life with my fiancee, but as a huge bonus, I may be in for a much better paying gig. I would have to work weekends as a newbie, but just like at Chase, I will assume that the longer I work there, the closer I will come to being in line for a shift to a more advantageous schedule.

So in short, in a couple of days, I have the opportunity to break out of the go-nowhere life that I'm stuck in right now and start a series of events that would change everything. Fingers crossed.

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