Monday, March 14, 2005


"Torrie" and I have chatted a couple of times this weekend. According to her, she dumped me only because she assumed that I wouldn't want to wait for her to get her life straightened out once she told me that she wouldn't be coming to Chicago anytime soon. She apologized for assuming that I would be like other men in her past and abandon her when she wasn't able to devote her time to them. I apologized for assuming that she was looking for an excuse to dump me because she had found a warm body in her town and didn't need this long-distance thing anymore. The sons of her deceased stepsister have developed a blood disorder, and they are flying to California next weekend to try to find alternative treatments because they haven't been able to help the boys there in Minnesota. She had been spending a lot of time with the boys and that situation, but had never explained that to me; it answers the question I had when I read her kiss-off letter of what kind of "family matters" she had that she thought would stand in the way of us spending time together. We agreed that I once again would come up there to visit during my spring break next week if she got good news in California this weekend. I also dropped the hint that I may want to move up there permanently to avoid this scenario, since nothing, no work, no woman, no purpose, is keeping me in Chicago other than laziness. She seemed in favor of that. So perhaps this was all an instance of miscommunication and Torrie and I are going to seriously work on being there for each other despite the distance. One can only hope. Stay tuned.

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