Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Spring Break Fun

Woo hoo, I can't stop having fun on my spring break. My left foot is in immense pain, so I haven't moved very much since Thursday, when I had my last class before spring break. I've left the house once since, Saturday night to hobble across the street to get some pop and nachos. My foot pain started with an apparent gout outbreak a few weeks ago, and the stiffness in the joint of my big toe has not gone away. And now because of the overcompensating I've had to do, the left side of my left foot has one long inflamed tendon running through it, and my right ankle is sprained. So even if "Torrie" had called me and asked me to come see her this week, as much as I'd want to, I don't think I could do it. It took me forever to limp to the store Saturday night, and I'm not feeling much better than I was then. I am icing the foot right now, trying to get well enough to keep an appointment with my psychiatrist today. I've been saving my Celebrex for the right time as well, popping one this morning and planning to pop another before I leave. But other than today, I don't see myself leaving the house this entire week, not that I go anywhere when healthy, but I did at least want to visit my family this week. Somehow it's different when I'm trapped because of health issues. I imagine myself going out, doing what normal singles do, going to the club, enjoying myself, hanging out with friends, making new friends. But darn it, I just can't do those things cause of this doggone foot. But once it gets healthy, what will I be doing? Watching baseball by myself, sulking, Googling my ex-girlfriends, sulking, wondering will I die unmarried with no kids, sulking...did I mention brooding and sulking? Hmm, guess that's why I'm going to a psychiatrist.

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