Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Moment Alone

I never thought that getting a second in my house by myself would be something I'd have to treasure, but that is the case now that "Jacob" is about to start his 3rd week sleeping on my couch. The only update is that he is currently on a job interview that he set up last week, so he's been looking forward to this for a while, and he seems very confident that he will get the position. He's been keeping himself busy in the meantime dating and hanging out; in fact, I slept by myself in the house last night because a woman called him at about 6P asking to see him, and when he expressed concern about going out with bad weather in the evening forecast, she assured him that he didn't have to go home in the cold and snow. He is Romeo right now, for sure, and as jealous as I may be, I hope he's enjoying himself. I actually will miss him when he leaves because it's been one big slumber party, playing video games, laughing and joking and carrying on loudly. My girlfriend has suggested that this is good practice for a married life, having to share my space with someone. It's not really the same, however, because at no time can I take my fantasies about my girlfriend that I have in the course of a day and store them up and bring them home and release them on her. But one great thing about all this is that Jacob has decided to pay me back for my good deed by giving me a used computer from the internet cafe that he and his family own up in Wisconsin, instead of selling it to me as he originally intended. He knew that my computer was old and needed replacing, and now he's had two weeks of dealing with it personally to know just how shitty it is. But with the new computer added to my recent purchase of a DVD recorder with VCR component so I can transfer my porn--er, uh, I mean sports tapes--to disc, I am finally flying towards the 21st century. Maybe I should learn how to drive and really move towards becoming modern...

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