Sunday, January 20, 2008

NFL Conference Finals '08

Here are my playoff predictions for today, in much less detail since I'm here with "Jacob" playing video games:

San Diego @ New England (-14)

Basically, that line is large and disrespectful to what the Chargers have accomplished this postseason. Despite injuries to QB Philip Rivers and RB LaDanian Tomlinson, the Chargers seem to have the swagger to go into New England and give them a good game. Plus, the Patriots can only have pressure building as they get closer to a perfect season. We'll see if they can put together a good enough performance to move into the Super Bowl.

My Prediction: New England 31-20

New York Giants @ Green Bay (-7.5)

I can't see Green Bay losing this game the way they're playing. RB Ryan Grant is a beast, and QB Brett Favre is playing smart and focused football. This team is scary because no one expected them to gel like this when the season began. However, this point spread to me is also ignoring what the opponent has done. The Giants continue to steamroll over anyone in their path in road games this year, and I'll take them to stay close in a fun cold game.

My Prediction: Green Bay 34-29

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