Sunday, August 14, 2005

Very Lazy Sundays

What better way to waste a weekend than with a Night Court marathon on TVLand, with a wrestling match in the south suburbs on Saturday night in between? Who says my life is a waste?!?

Anywho, no callbacks on my attempts at employment yet, and it's getting close to desperation time, where I start considering jobs I said I'd never take, like retail or telemarketing. No word from "Laurie" yet on when I will finally meet her, so still waiting there as well. My financial aid forms have been processed for this upcoming school year, so we'll see what happens now. I didn't think I would be able to take any classes this fall, what with zero income, but now there's a sliver of hope. They call that a "hopespot" in wrestling, where the good guy gets in some offense when he appears to be DOA, and then the bad guy looks vulnerable and...wait, sorry, I went into "wrestling geek mode" on you for a second...

So to summarize, still alone, still unemployed, still have bigger breasts than a lot of women...but that hopespot is out there somewhere, and when I find it, look out! Big Dre will be on his way!

And if I say that enough times, I might even believe it.

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