Sunday, March 05, 2006

Cleaning Up The Trash

Caught a little flak for my post about trailer trash last week, including the white woman who listened to my description of "Shelley" and within 15 seconds said "Sounds like white trash to me!" getting very upset, calling me some choice names, including racist, and threatening to send some policeman friend after me. Nice mature reaction. IT WAS A FUCKING JOKE. Nowhere in that post or anywhere else do I express the opinion that all white women are trailer trash. If anyone read the actual post, the phrase "trailer trash" came to my mind after my aunt's husband made the joke about me preferring white meat. When he said that, in a flash I thought about the trash that I've brought home to my family, namely "Karen" and "Sarah," and I understood why he would say that. So I wasn't thinking about all white women, just the ones I've dated. I spent the last 3 years searching for the lowest trash that I could find specifically because I didn't have the self-esteem and confidence to think that I could do better, and now as a result, my family feels free to crack wise about my choices in women, and I deserve it because I pursued them, but I still hate the fact that my folks feel that way. But hey, the more jokes they make, the more I will be motivated to never settle for trash--white, black, or otherwise--again, no matter how lonely I get. Not that I have time to settle for anything right now; between the job and four nights of school, I wouldn't be able to perform even if someone threw herself at my feet.

But here it is for the official record: For all the trash that took offense to my joke, and for the people who aren't trash but feel sympathy for trash and don't think that I should pick on them, I apologize. If you're trash and don't accept my apology, I completely understand. If you're not trash and don't accept because you want to believe that I hate all white people, go fuck yourself up the ass with a broomstick. And have a nice day.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, no girl will throw herself at you now. Get a grip. Just go to a hooka, you will be fine.
Torry and Grace won't like you now they seen what you said of them on your blog.