Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Taking The Good With The Bad

Good news for those of you that hate me: My school bus pass got eaten by the train turnstile last Wednesday, and the CTA made me wait a week for them to mail a new pass not to me but to my school instead of just retrieving my pass from said turnstile and giving it back to me. Gotta love the CTA. They gave me a 5-day pass, but then told me that it takes 5 to 7 days for the new pass to be mailed to my school, in essence telling me in regards to those days after the 5-day pass expires that the U-Pass hasn't arrived at the school yet: "Uh, we don't give a fuck." And sure enough, the pass had not arrived yesterday, meaning I had to pay to get to school today. Oh, and this morning the sewer backed up and my basement flooded. Someone have a handgun I can borrow?

Bad news for those of you that hate me: The U-Pass was there at school today, and I just called my aunt's husband, who said that he got his crew and cleared the sewer blockage and that "everything's secured." Oh, and the lady that I am visiting in two weeks hasn't backed out yet. Guess I don't need that handgun after all.

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