Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I Really Need To Stop Watching ESPN

The way ESPN has been hyping the NFL Draft for the last couple of weeks--even harder than they had been since the Steelers won the Super Bowl in February--I just assumed that it was going to take place last weekend. Nope. Not even this weekend, but next weekend. The reason this isn't good is because I'm all jacked up for this draft, anticipating that it's going to be the best and deepest in quite some time, but is that because of the players invloved, or because ESPN is hyping the hell out of it? And would they be hyping the hell out of it if they weren't televising the draft as well as, starting this upcoming season, Monday Night Football? It's reminiscent of the way they have been treating any Barry Bonds news with kid gloves. We're supposed to believe that ESPN ignoring a damning book about Bonds and his supposed steroid regimen that came out when spring training started just happened, that it had nothing to do with the fact that they started airing a reality series called "Bonds On Bonds" a few weeks ago. Barry Bonds is a black man that is hated by America because he doesn't know his place and won't bow and shuffle for The Man. Since when has the media tried to be fair and show his side of anything? But ESPN is bending over backwards, avoiding anything that may sound accusatory and begging those watching to please tune in to the reality show to get Barry's side of the story. How quickly will they return to making jokes about the size of his head on SportsCenter once this reality show has finished airing? And yes, I know he used steroids. It's pretty fucking obvious. My point is that ESPN should be reporting the news objectively, not lying in bed with the newsmakers and having those relationships color the way they cover the news. I'm not very far away from vowing to not watch ESPN anymore unless there's an actual game I want to see. Anything else on that network seems to be for the purpose of promoting its business interests, and that's a huge turn-off.

As far as the rest of my life, everything is very fragile and unsteady right now. The friend whom I visited last week told me last night that my lack of understanding about religion--she feels that I don't share her beliefs--is a major obstacle to anything further developing between us, and that whole situation is in limbo now. I am still trying to figure out how I am going to handle my expenses if I move into a new apartment on my current salary. A second job instead of summer classes may be in my future. And I just received a couple of errors on my first job, but I was supposed to be protected from errors during my probation period because the team lead is supposed to be quality checking all of my work before it gets to the point where an error pops up. Apparently, she's not. But, once again, that's not something that I should be getting upset about with anyone but myself. If I don't fuck up, there's no errors. Period. I could laugh at the e-mail that I received from a former co-worker at CEDA which indicated that the big boss and a colleague supposedly have been canned for screwing the female underlings. But that just makes me sad for two reasons: 1, that a couple of black men made it that far in their professions only to throw away their progress for some tail, and 2, that pigs like that even made it that far to begin with, since I will never sniff the top of any company because I'm not big enough of an asshole to join such an exclusive club. Nice guys finish last, indeed.


Anonymous said...

HOw do you know that some guys at ceda were fired for sleeping with people? ARe you sure it's a fact and not a rumor? Unless you saw it happen you are even worse for spreading what might be a lie about them on a blog that anyone can read.

Dre said...

Silly me, when I typed "e-mail I received which indicated" I didn't know that it actually reads "gospel truth, lead pipe lock, no doubt about it."